Mission &
Core Values

Capricorn Investment Group was born from a belief that values-based, sustainable investment practices can enhance return rates. Underlying that principled investment approach has always been a deep desire to demonstrate the huge investment potential that resides in breakthrough commercial solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.


To live in a sustainable world of peace and prosperity.


To deliver extraordinary investment results by leveraging market forces to scale solutions to global problems.


Courage:  We unabashedly embrace important new ideas with promise to fulfill large-scale societal needs.

Enlightened Self-Interest:  We believe that market forces are powerful mechanisms for lasting change.

Exceptionalism:  We hire and partner with those whose demonstrated capacity for greatness propels us toward our vision.

Integrity:  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and ethical behavior.

Messianic Conviction:  We are bound together by our staunch belief that a values-based, impact-oriented approach trumps conventional investment strategy and returns.

Responsibility:  Our deep alignment with and accountability to clients, partners and one another drives our inexhaustible rigor and discipline.


certTo demonstrate our commitment to higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Capricorn became a B Corp in February 2014.