Capricorn Investment Group’s mission is to pursue extraordinary investment results by leveraging market forces to scale solutions to global problems.

Goals and Values

Power of entrepreneurship to address the world’s greatest challenges

Capricorn believes in the power of entrepreneurship to address the world’s greatest challenges, and therefore seeks out partnerships with talented individuals creating innovative businesses and investment companies

Oriented toward earning superior risk-adjusted returns

The investment strategy seeks superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in and partnering with companies and managers which provide solutions to global problems. We employ a fundamental and long-term approach to identify investments across all asset classes which we believe have the potential for positive impact and high rates of return over many years.

Institutional capital toward sustainability-driven investments

We believe we can be a long term steward to our clients’ capital by continually striving to outperform market returns in addition to catalyzing the movement of institutional capital toward sustainability driven investments.

Rigorous standards of social and environmental performance

Capricorn is a Certified B Corporation and is committed to the most rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Our Approach

Capricorn’s core belief is that sustainable investment practices can enhance long-term risk-adjusted returns. We manage globally diversified long-term portfolios comprised of both external managers and direct investments across all asset classes, with sustainability integrated at the core of the investment process. In order to both meet return objectives and support the movement of capital into more sustainable investment strategies, we follow a disciplined and patient approach in sponsoring and creating new investment funds. We also make early investments into established managers addressing opportunities across the sustainable investment landscape.

Our Offerings
Technology Impact Fund

Technology Impact Fund (TIF) is a venture capital partnership which invests in companies that develop novel materials, devices, systems and business models – from Silicon Valley chipsets to emerging world micro-grids – to propel the new crop of sustainable companies and renewable infrastructure.

Technology Impact Growth Fund

Technology Impact Growth Fund (TIGF) is a growth equity partnership that invests in later rounds of the Technology Impact Fund (TIF) and TIF Legacy portfolios, as well as select other later stage opportunities that are scaling and addressing climate change and other key global challenges.

Sustainable Investors Fund

Sustainable Investors Fund (SIF) is a private equity partnership whose investment objective is to create significant value through ownership and early stage investment in public and private asset managers who incorporate sustainability as a key driver of investment returns.

Sustainable Investors Platform (OCIO)

An integrated and custom approach to managing long-term, multi-asset class portfolios reflecting our clients’ risk, return and impact objectives.  We have generated strong risk-adjusted returns over the last decade through diversified portfolios of sustainable investments on behalf of institutional clients.

Jeff Skoll Group

To pursue his vision of a sustainable world of peace and prosperity, Jeff Skoll created an innovative portfolio of philanthropic and commercial enterprises, each of which is a distinctive social catalyst in its field. Capricorn manages the investment portfolio of Jeff Skoll and his organizations.

Network of Partners

The Firm benefits from a wide set of relationships across nonprofit, government, and corporate entities which are active in areas of sustainable investing.