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Sustainable Investors Fund

Sustainable Investors Fund

For two decades, we have sought out and partnered with innovative
emerging managers creating the next generation of impact-oriented
investment management companies, culminating in the creation of our
seeding platform: the Sustainable Investors Fund.

Seeding Sustainability –
Driven Strategies

Sustainable Investors Fund (SIF) is a private equity partnership designed to create significant value through ownership and early-stage investment in public and private asset managers who incorporate sustainability as a key driver of investment returns.

SIF has deployed catalytic capital into over a dozen emerging asset management firms aiming to address climate change mitigation, financial inclusion, and sustainable markets.

SIF’s Approach
to Impact

To articulate SIF’s approach to investing and to document our vision for the environmental and social impact we hope to realize, we have produced our inaugural SIF impact report, Levers of Impact.
2021 SIF Impact Report arrow right
SIF’s impact management is aligned with the Operating Principles for Impact Management (OPIM), which was developed by the IFC as a framework for investors to ensure that impact considerations are purposefully integrated into portfolio management.
SIF OPIM Disclosure Statement arrow right

The SIF Portfolio