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Using Capital as a
for Good

Driving positive environmental and social impact through our
clients’ portfolios, in alignment with their mission, has been at
the core of Capricorn’s investment philosophy
since inception.

An Integrated
Approach to Impact

Impact is embedded in our DNA and we evaluate the potential for environmental and social impact (and negative externalities) at every step of our investment process. We ensure consistency and responsibility of impact evaluation throughout the investment lifecycle.

We are committed to working with our clients to build portfolios that not only generate positive impact, but are well-positioned for the new social, environmental, and economic structures that will define the future.

Our Approach to Impact

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Our SIF Impact Report II, Bridging Gaps in Impact Investing, details the progression of SIF investees against their impact goals and the ongoing enhancement of the fund’s impact strategy.
SIF Impact Report II (Published 2023) arrow right
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To articulate SIF’s approach to investing and to document our vision for the environmental and social impact we hope to realize, we have produced our inaugural SIF impact report, Levers of Impact.
SIF Impact Report I (Published 2021) arrow right
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We produced our inaugural TIF and TIGF impact report, Deep Impact with Deep Tech, both to document our impact vision for the fund and to display how we apply it to some of the most exciting technology startups in the world.
2021 TIF & TIGF Impact Report arrow right

Investing Across Key Environmental
and Social Impact Areas

Impact investments span public and private investments and asset classes. Categorizing impact by four key issue areas allows us to integrate key thematic impact goals into long-term asset allocation frameworks.

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Protect natural resources and preserve the capability of the environment to support human life.

  • checkmark Forest conservation
  • checkmark Sustainable food & agriculture
  • checkmark Energy transition
    & resource efficiency
  • checkmark Clean energy
  • checkmark Energy efficiency
  • checkmark Sustainable transportation
  • checkmark Resource efficiency
  • checkmark Low carbon transition
  • checkmark Green real estate
  • checkmark Sustainable manufacturing

Health &
Wellness arrow right

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Support healthy living through disease prevention, improved health care delivery, and health care technology innovation.

  • checkmark Healthcare services
  • checkmark Healthcare innovation

Capitalism arrow right

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Improve the financial well-being and security of economically disadvantaged communities and individuals.

  • checkmark Affordable housing
  • checkmark Inclusive financing
  • checkmark Gender diversity
  • checkmark Racial equity
  • checkmark Access to quality education

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Purposefully integrate environmental and social priorities into investment approach and business operations.

  • checkmark Aligning capital with ESG leaders
  • checkmark Engaging companies on environmental and social issue areas

Our Impact Principles

Impact Evaluation & Management

Our holistic impact framework enables consistent impact evaluation of our investment managers and portfolio companies. We engage in regular discussion of progress and transparency around challenges.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We recognize the power of diverse backgrounds and experiences not only in our own team, but in the managers we source and partner with. We actively engage with fund managers to understand and improve racial and gender diversity in our client portfolios.

Climate Risk Evaluation

It is our belief that all companies have a responsibility to address climate change, and companies that underperform on climate metrics face an increased level of financial risk. We measure portfolio holdings on their greenhouse gas emissions, alignment with a low carbon future, and potential transition risk or stranded asset risk due to regulatory action.

Capricorn’s Impact Innovation

Through our portfolio building process, we identified gaps in investment offerings to address environmental and social issue areas. In order to mobilize capital to such issue areas, Capricorn created or co-created over 20 new funds and asset management firms with sustainability at the core of their investment philosophy.

Our Commitment
to Net Zero

We have committed to offsetting all carbon emissions from our portfolio of investments through the acquisition of high-quality nature-based removal and avoidance carbon credits. This focus on carbon neutrality comes in addition to our ongoing focus on achieving real-world impact by investing in climate solutions.

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Industry Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration to advance our collective missions. We have developed strategic partnerships with a range of non-profit networks and targeted initiatives, including: