For the past twenty years, impact has been at the core of Capricorn’s investment philosophy. Throughout this time, Capricorn has managed a multi-asset class portfolio wherein we make investment decisions through a financial lens as well as environmental and social impact potential. We strive to embed an impact mindset into the DNA of our portfolio, to ensure that products and solutions are well-positioned for the new social, environmental, and economic structures that will define the future.

With that goal in mind, we have prepared the following reports for Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund and Sustainable Investors Fund, to provide insight into our approach to impact investing and our plan for transparency and accountability throughout each novel impact journey.

Sustainable Investors Fund: Levers of Impact

The Sustainable Investors Fund (SIF) aims to create significant value through early-stage investment and ownership in public and private asset managers who incorporate sustainability as a key driver of investment returns. SIF’s focus is on strategies that provide capital market solutions to pressing global challenges, with a primary focus on the environment, health & wellness, and financial inclusion.

To articulate SIF’s approach to investing and to document our vision for the environmental and social impact we hope to realize, we have produced our 2021 SIF impact report. This report describes how the partnership works, provides a snapshot of our current portfolio, goes a little deeper to look at three SIF portfolio funds, and, finally, shares a few thoughts about where we think SIF is headed over the next few years.

Sustainable Investors Fund is a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. Read our disclosure statement here.

Technology Impact Fund: Deep Impact with Deep Tech

The Technology impact fund (TIF) is a venture capital partnership which invests in companies that develop novel materials, devices, systems, and business models – from electric aviation to emerging world micro-grids– to propel the new crop of sustainable companies and renewable infrastructure. TIF was created to build on Capricorn’s legacy of making early-stage investments in successful deep-tech companies in the key sectors driving the transition to a more sustainable world.

We produced the 2021 Deep Impact with Deep Tech report both to articulate our approach to impact investing and to document our impact vision for each portfolio company and for the fund. This report is also an introduction to our customized, SDG-aligned impact assessment framework and how we apply it to some of the most exciting technology startups in the world.