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Capricorn’s Approach to Managing Mission-Aligned Portfolios (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer)

For over two decades, our firm has helped families and foundations invest sustainably and for impact, aligning their capital with their mission through diversified, discretionary portfolios across asset classes. Capricorn Investment Group was formed in 2000 as an independent investment partnership with Jeff Skoll as well as the endowments of the Skoll Foundation and the Skoll Fund. We have been incredibly fortunate to partner with these purpose-driven clients, activating their portfolios to fund solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. 

As we look forward, our goal as an organization is to seek and create a community of similar mission-driven asset owners looking to significantly leverage our subject matter expertise and experience building diversified, mission-aligned, market-rate portfolios for over twenty years. Building on our experience and expertise as impact specialized CIO to the Skoll group and other select clients, we are expanding our impact native and financially prudent OCIO offering to a broader set of mission-aligned clients. Our purpose as an independent boutique investment firm is to redefine how the capital spectrum is invested to address pressing global issues across four primary thematic pillars – climate change mitigation, inclusive capitalism, health & wellness, and sustainable markets. 

We differentiate ourselves from traditional OCIOs by designing and managing customized, diversified portfolios that integrate sustainability and seek intended impact while generating competitive risk-adjusted returns appropriate for our clients’ needs. We believe prudent mission-aligned investing does imply stepping away from the normal flow, and that is indeed where we are most comfortable serving an optimal group of asset owners. 

We seek to deeply understand our clients’ institutional goals and develop resilient portfolios that can meet both long-term investment objectives as well as align their capital with their mission. We partner with our clients to educate, design, build and manage multi-asset strategies that incorporate balanced investments into their portfolios, in line with their investment goals, objectives and mission. We believe a total activation of your balance sheet capital in sustainable solutions can produce strong risk-adjusted returns alongside tangible environmental and social impact. 

As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to rigorous standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency to our clients and employees. We believe that impact can be achieved across asset classes, and we begin our process with designing an appropriate long-term strategic asset allocation model based on each client’s financial and mission objectives. 

Over our history, we have developed the expertise and networks to source and evaluate investments with dual financial return and impact objectives. This experience has helped us co-create innovative impact investing strategies when we did not find suitable opportunities readily available. With approximately $9 billion¹ in firm assets, our concentrated client base share in our investment philosophy and we are inviting select asset owners seeking investments for return and purpose to join our partnership to catalyze global change. 

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization’s needs and are excited about discussions with prospective partners looking to activate their capital spectrum to solve the world’s most urgent problems.